My heart can feel her strength.
And my soul knows her joy.
As with any woman that has waited for her answer to be called a mother.
For some it’s days, for others it’s years,
but the warmth of that heart beat is all the same.


My name is Tina • I am an explorer of light • daydreamer • lover of softness & a touch of pink • I specialize in evoking emotion • Capturing every child’s moments & reactions; I fall in love with their laughs, their frowns, their newborn smell, their toddler ‘tudes with every detail.

I would say I’m a lifestyle photographer at heart, trying to capture every moment to document life’s realities and dreams, so I may look back & enjoy my life all over again. It’s not about the portrait but the authentic moment that happens in between that I want to capture.

XO tina


Photo taken by Rylee Hitchner